I’m sure their are those who enjoy the pleasure of winter fun and sports. That is of coarse terrific times for most of the younger generation. I too once was a part of that crowd.. My wife and I now become nearly shut-ins when we experience ice and snow.  We have to be so careful to choose a day to venture out just to go to the store for groceries. Although it is always pretty to look at, the thought of a fall is so trecherous for us that we want this stuff just to be over. We would leave it for sure if we could.

Entertainment, what is it and where is it!.

Living Simply And Still On The Grid

I have a feeling Monday’s going to be a busy day at the animal shelters.  — John

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As of late it has become obvious, that what we are subjected to on the tube is highly suspect, as to what we would like to view as entertainment. The types of shows that are most prevelant as well as their content are not what one would expect as desired entertainment.
The violence and obsurd reality sure does not even come close to my expectation of entertainment. What do you think and have to say about this issue!


WE at Cyclone Hollow 4×4 Offroad are in a fantastic expansion project, to make the recreational experience at our facility the very best!
We are presently in the process of filling out forms for A federally Sponsored Land Grant. It is administered locally in cooperation with the Missouri Parks Service. WE need to raise $20,000 dollars as our matching portion in order to qualify. Should we be fortunate enough to be offered a Grant, the resulting matching portion will be placed in our account. Their portion of the match is $80,000. WE will be using those funds to purchase adjoining property which is 70 acres. In an effort to help raise these funds we will be offering a special one time splendid package of lifetime fun for a one time donation of $1,000.

The fund raiser will appear on a site called ( Indiegogo ) it is an international fundraising…

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The new funding campaign will be introduced after the first of the year! Watch for it!

The fundraiser that gives you the opportunity to Win a Jeep Wrangler is now available on the internet site (indiegogo.com ) inthe the search area at the top put in Cyclone Hollow 4×4 Offroad. It will take you to the Home page for this project. Just pick the Perk that best suits you, make the contribution and that given Perk is yours. Special note, all perks get a FREE PASS to the March 15,16,17 Cyclone Mud Fest! Just $20 will get you one or all three days. It will be a real Blowout Event! Don’t Miss it!

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